CNC Vice closer

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Opening and closing of LANG vice in CNC using XYZ movements

Interface to robot using basic XYZ movements

The kit consist of 3 components

  • LANG vice crank arm
  • Spindle tool with: spring loaded vice closer and communication to control unit using XYZ movements
  • Control unit IP68 sending commands to robot

The control unit can send 3 commands to robot

  1. Request new item. – Robot pick&place new item in vice
  2. OK to start CNC, Vice closing force in the expected range – Robot start CNC
  3. VICE ERROR, Vice closing force not in the expected range РRobot show error message.

Prerequisites for use:

The vice closer is extremely simple to install but has the following conditions of use:

  • The CNC must have force monitoring and and be able to withstand the applied forces
  • The CNC must have a working safety door there looks while CNC is running.
  • Items thickness on clamping surfaces must be equal within +/- 0.15mm, crank arm adjusted horizontal at +/-0.05