About SetupRobotics

The collaborative robot adventure started when UR gave all people access to programming robots.

SetupRobotics goes a step further and gives all people access to configure complicated tools and facilitate changeable production with quick setups – SetupRobotics.

This is done using the Patented ToolBase which almost totally eliminates one of the greatest waste in production – setup-time. While changing tools on a robot it is not productive. When using the ToolBase all tools are configured instantly and automatically when the quick coupling closes.

In addition to the ToolBase SetupRobotics delivers a range of accessories easing efficient production. 

SetupRobotics is based in Denmark.

Industrivænget 6B
3320 Skævinge

Our tools work with any cobot brand providing 24V and 2 IN/2 OUT. If you are not sure, or you cannot see the logo of your cobot brand, send us an email.

Flexibility with Plug & Play

With increased flexibility, higher output, and enhanced quality, we help manufacturers of all sizes streamline their processes and grow their businesses.

The unique patented ToolBase, robot stands and accessories from SetupRobotics have become great robotic solutions for the companies to ensure an agile workflow.

Our tools are compatible with most robot brands in the world.

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