ToolBase Dual

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SetupRobotics makes ultra fast production switch.

The stemcell in all SetupRobotics products is the ToolBase. The introduction of cobots made it simple to use robots but it is still complicated to configure all different tools. Attempts have been made with tool changers including all signals going to the back of the robot solving all different tasks.

The patent behind the ToolBase only having two valves is extremely simple:-Vacuum gripper:  One valve makes vacuum, the other makes the release blow.-Finger gripper:  One valve opens, the other closes.-Dispenser: One valve dispenses the other back-suck to prevent dripping.

Every tool has a key that tells the ToolBase what to do. Upon closing the quick coupling the tool is configured. No special apps, no wiring or other. Everything is handled by the ToolBase.

Any tool can be activated from the same single output and feedback is given to a single input.
The patented ToolBase detects which tool is fitted and handles all the technical details.
  • Energy: 24V, compressed air, vacuum.
  • Signals: control, feedback, data communication
  • Mechanics: Strong quick coupling with precise positioning
The range of tools is continuously expanding:
  • Pneumatic 2 and 3 finger grippers
  • Suction grippers
  • Pneumatic magnetic grippers
  • Electric magnetic grippers
  • Glue and seal Dispensers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bottle gripper
  • UV curing lamp

Additional Information

Weight 0,990 kg
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 13 mm
Technical Specifications

– Weight: 0.768 kg.

– Size: 19.0cm x 16.2cm x 12.5cm

– Manufacturer: SetupRobotics

ToolBase Dual
 3.766,00 check your tax by checkout

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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