Two Finger Gripper

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The two finger pneumatic gripper has sensors at its two end of travel positions. That is gripper open and gripper closed. When the closed position is reached during a gripping the ToolBase concludes there is no item in the gripper. The positive item in gripper status goes active after short delay to not false trigger Robot while gripper is traveling to the end position.

A finger gripper typically has 2 fingers for rectangular items and 3 fingers for round objects. The fingers clamp an object with a force. Due to the friction between the fingers and the item the item can be lifted/handled.

There are many advances using a pneumatic gripper:
• The item is centered between the fingers.
• The clamping force is maintained also after closing. Many electrical grippers do not maintain the clamping force so items can fall out.
• The pneumatic gripper has a very fast response time compared to electrical grippers.

Adjustable standard fingers
Adjustable standard fingers The pneumatic gripper is delivered with adjustable fingers which can be used for many common setups. On the fingers is a ruler for fast external diameter adjustments. The finger can clamp items from 0 to 140mm

External / Internal gripping
On the side of the adapter is a switch to select external/internal gripping.
External gripping – switch down (against ToolBase)
Internal gripping – switch up (against fingers)

*Must be mounted on our ToolBases.

Additional Information

Weight 0,460 kg
Dimensions 190 × 160 × 130 mm
Product Technical Specifications

– Weight: 0.238 kg.

– Manufacturer: SMC

– Manufacturer part nr.: MHS2-25D

– Min/Max clamping distance: 0 – 140mm

– Gripping Force external/internal: 75/85N

Two Finger Gripper
 867,00 check your tax by checkout

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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