Vacuum gripper adapter G1/8″

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This is the Vacuum Adapter G1/8″ needed for Vacuum/Suction Gripper.
(A Vacuum Adapter is included when buying Vacuum Grippers)

A suction gripper is a simple yet effective gripper for handling of items.

By having the atmospheric pressure applied to the surface of an item and the pressure removed inside the suction gripper a clamping force is generated.

With our large range of vacuum/suction Grippers the opportunities are endless.


There are many advantages using a suction gripper:

• Enormously selection of different types from many sources.
• Low cost
• No adjustments
• Grip directly on item surface. (no space needed for gripper fingers)
• Items can be placed close together.
• Gently handling yet very powerful.


Vacuum generation
The Toolbase uses an industrial standard venturi pump delivering 85% vacuum and a flow of 6 l/min.


The ToolBase measures the pressure inside the suction gripper. When the pressure is below a predefined level the ToolBase signals back to the robots an item is grapped.


Pick & Place timing:
This venturi principle of vacuum generation is way faster than electrical motor based vacuum pumps therefore the reaction time is typically a few milliseconds in comparison to the 300 milliseconds or more to what motor based pump uses.
Also at place the ToolBase is fast as a release blow is generated directly into the suction cup. In comparison many electrical suction grippers only releases to neutral pressure resulting in a long delay before the robot can move away after a place.


CASE: Timing cost:
A robot cell handles 1 item every 1 minute for one year at a cell cost of $100/hour and a vacuum/release generation time of 0,5 second the year cost is: $7300
Typical electrical vacuum gripper cost: (365 * 24 * 60 * 0.5) *($100 / (60*60)) = $7300
Typical venturi vacuum gripper cost: (365 * 24 * 60 * 0.1) *($100 / (60*60)) = $1460

Yearly savings: $7300 – $1460 = $5840

*Must be mounted on our ToolBases.

Downloadable content:

Vacuum Gripper Manual

Additional Information

Weight 0,105 kg
Dimensions 130 × 100 × 90 mm
Technical Specifications

– Weight: 0.085 kg

– Size: 125 × 95 × 81 mm

– Manufacturer: …

Vacuum gripper adapter G1/8″
 210,00 check your tax by checkout

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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